screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-09-15-02Hey guys! This is my first blog post so please bear with me! I thought to do my first blog post about my fitness journey as I get a lot of fitness related questions on Instagram and it seems like something many of you are interested in. Will try to keep it as short and spicy as possible!

Since I’ve been a child I always practiced some sort of sport. I did athletics, played football, tennis, horse-back-riding, and the list goes on and on. With 14 I had a major knee injury and I got surgery which forced me to stop all kinds of sports for at least half a year to 1 year. After this I focused on rebuilding my muscle and this is when I started to go to the gym. For about 2 years I would do plenty of group classes because I was too scared and unfamiliar with the weights room.

When I was around 17 or 18 years old I slowly transitioned to working out in the weights room instead of doing group classes. I changed my way of training because I wanted to build more muscle as I am naturally very skinny. When I moved to Barcelona with 18 years old I really got into weight lifting and also started to change my diet for optimal muscle growth. This is when I really started to see a difference! In 2 years I gained a substantial amount of muscle. The hardest part for me was and still is to eat enough food to support the muscle growth.

Since then my training style has been heavy lifting with progressive overload and little to no cardio. I still do not do any cardio (except 10 min warmup on the elliptical) because it is so hard for me to gain muscle. I actually always enjoyed doing cardio and love the feeling after taking a jog in the fresh air. But I know if I want to reach my goals and build muscle it is very counter productive for my body type.

With the years working out has become such an important part of my daily routine. I think we all know why working out is great, it keeps a healthy body, a fit mind and of course there is the aesthetic point of view. However, what really keeps me going is the feelings it gives me. It makes me feel strong, gives me time for myself, makes me feel that I have accomplished something in a day and so many more things.

I get so many requests of what my workout routine looks like so I will create a blog post about that soon! I thought that it is important for you guys to know my background in fitness first so you understand why and how I train the way I do. Everyone needs to follow there own path to reach their goals because every body is unique.

Love, Chiara


  1. Great post, thanks for the info! What kind of weights do you lift? And how heavy? Thanks!

    • I’m glad that you liked my post Alex! Yes I lift heavy weights, soon I will post my current workout routine where I will go more into detail with that! Kisses

  2. So toll von dir, dass du extra einen Blog gemacht hast, um uns “Chiara-Nacheiferern” wertvolle Tipps zu geben. Ich hab schon ganz sehnsüchtig darauf gewartet :). Dankeschön!

  3. Zhanna Zo

    Thank you for this post! It was interesting)) Can you tell about your menu? Are you vegan?

    • Thank you! I am not strictly vegan but I do stick to a mainly plant based diet. I will go more into that in a future post. xx

  4. Ich habe auch deine Workout routine gelesen und danke dir so sehr dass du das alles mit uns teilst! ich finde deinen körper einfach perfekt und wünschte mir wenugstens annähernd so auszusehen wie du 🙂 aber ich verstehe leider nicht genau ob du jetzt eher pflanzen basiert (also highcarb,low fat, low protein) ernährst oder high protein? wie kann man nämlich solche muskeln wie du haben wenn man sich oflanzenbasiert ernährt? ich versuche abzunehmen aber auch muskeln aufbauen aber schwanke ständig zwischen high protein oder high carb (also eher vegan viele fruechte gemeuse ect). ich mache viel cardio aber moechte einen schön definierten körper haben aber eben mit wenig fett anteil.. dann sollte ich doch cardio machen oder? das habe ich bei deinem post leider auch nicht ganz verstanden. ich würde mich so freuen wenn du mir antworten und etwas weiterhelfen könntest!!

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