Why I got a Breast Augmentation

Hey Girls! As you can tell from the title of this post, I decided to get a breast augmentation, not only that but also to share my experience with you. I think it is one thing to do a breast augmentation and another one to share it with the public. To get a breast augmentation was a very personal decision that has been on my mind for a very long time. I will go further into why I go the surgery in just a second.

The biggest hurdle for me was not to decide whether to do the surgery or not because I was clear on that, but if I should share it with you and talk about it publicly. Not only is it a very private and intimate subject but also something that I did not want to make a huge fuss out of. There is quite a big risk that sharing a subject like this might question my role as an Instagram influencer as I could put pressure on young girls. I just wanted to let you know that I am very aware of my position as an influencer and with no means want to pressure girls/women to look a certain way or to question their own bodies. I think that every girl/women out there should embrace and love their body just how it is given to them.

This surgery was something I decided to do because I love my body and not because I hate it. It is so important that you accept and love your body as no clinical intervention will ever cure any body shame issues. Since you never know how the outcome will be before the surgery it might even worsen your self esteem in case the results are not as expected. On this note, the reason for me to do this surgery was not because of any external societal pressures or self esteem issues, but a very intimate and mature decision I wanted to do for myself.

One reason for wanting to get the surgery done was problem to find clothing that fits properly. Before getting the breast augmentation I struggled to even fit into the smallest size of sports bras, tops and dresses. I always had to tie knots into the straps of my tops and dresses and had to fill out the paddings in my bras so I could achieve some cleavage. Then there was also the problems with finding bras, most of my bras did not fit correctly and were totally discomforting. As soon as I arrived home from a busy day the first thing I would do is take off my bra because it was hurting and itching in a thousand places. I guess thats why I feel most comfortable wearing a bikini haha. 

I am actually very glad that I have the opportunity to share this experience with so many of you, because I believe that I can not only help and give tips to many women who want to do this for themselves, but also to be able to take the fear away to remind you to do this for YOU.

My Experience at Aesthetic Clinic

I got my surgery done by Dr. Markus-Johannes Handl at Aesthetic Clinic in Vienna, Austria. This has been the best choice I could have ever made! This doctor was there for me at all times before, during and after the surgery and was not only there to answer all of my questions and doubts but also to give me mental support during the entire process.

On my way to Vienna I felt a little bit anxious and had second thoughts about everything (which is also natural I guess). But as soon as I stepped foot into the clinic and talked with the doctor about everything, my anxiety and fears just flew away. It was like a shower of joy overcame me and I really got excited to do the surgery.

I felt that Dr. Markus-Johannes Handl perfectly understood how I wanted my boobs to turn out. He gave me thorough advice to what the best implants are for my body type and with what implants we could achieve the desired outcome. I wanted to go for a natural look, not too big (but not too small either haha) with a little bit of cleavage. They seriously turned out just like that, but I will get to that later.

I really can’t stress enough that I had such a positive experience with this clinic and felt in such good hands with the Doctor and assistants at all times. It was so important for me to be able to trust my Doctor and to feel comfortable during the entire process, which I did. I recommend this Doctor to all of you girls who want to get breast augmentation! If you want to know more about the clinic you can visit the website here, or the website of my surgeon here

Before I go into the procedure of the entire process, here are all the details of the breast augmentation:

Doctor/Surgeon: Dr. Markus-Johannes Handl

Clinic: Aesthetic Clinic Vienna

Price: 6000€

Surgery Date: 14.08.2017

Breast Implant Material: Silicone Gel

Breast Implant Size: 240ml (round)

Incision: Breast Fold, Under the muscle


The Procedure and Recovery

Pre Surgery Meeting

A few weeks before the surgery I met with the doctor to discuss the breast augmentation. We talked about what my expectations are and how I want my breasts to turn out. The doctor told me about the type of implants they are using; a very safe and high class material made from silicone gel. He also told me about the different techniques that can be applied, inserting the implant under or above the muscle and what would work best for my body. The doctor also asked me where I wanted the incision to be and gave me the advice to do it in the breast fold. Lastly, he told me about all the risks involved with the surgery and how the recovery will be like. He told me that the risks involved with this surgery are very low since I wanted a natural looking breast (not too big). The bigger the implants are the higher the risks would be (for me) and the longer the recovery would take. The doctor told me that in his many years of experience none of the possible risks that could happen, ever happened and the chance of them happening is very very small. After this meeting I knew that I was in very experienced hands, which gave me the reassurance I needed.

The day of the Surgery

My surgery was scheduled for the morning, which I was really happy about, as that meant that I did not have too much time to be excited or worried. I was not allowed to eat 6 hours before the surgery and not allowed to drink 2 hours before the surgery, which made it even easier that it was in the morning. I was quite excited on this day, but weirdly not scared at all, I just wanted to get it over with. I arrived at the clinic, had to fill out some papers, got my surgery outfit and got tested on a few things. Then I got a catheter placed into my arm, crawled onto my surgery bed and closed my eyes. When I woke up I did not feel any pain thanks to the anaesthesia, my head was just completely foggy. A few hours later I found myself in my room in the clinic, getting some pain killers injected and slowly feeling some pain. This was probably the worst day because my balance was completely out of wack, I was feeling nauseous and had a lot of pain. The first night I stayed in the clinic, which was really nice because the nurses helped and supported me whenever I needed them.

1st day Post Surgery

The first day after the surgery I felt like a human being again, I had my balance back, was able to walk around and the pain was mainly just noticeable when I moved. This day the doctor came to check on me, then he removed the surgical dressing and gave me a sports bra and a belt (Stuttgarter Gürtel) to wear around my chest area. The pain got so much less instantly because most of the pressure on my chest was gone. When I was released from the clinic I went to my Hotel were I stayed one night before I flew back home to Hannover. I was even able to go out for lunch and walk around in a beautiful park. Of course I was still in a lot of pain and was very limited in my movements but it was okay thanks to all of the pain killers I was taking.

2nd day Post Surgery

After I woke up I had breakfast and went to the clinic for one last check-up before my flight back to Hannover. My doctor had a look at my breasts and checked if everything was okay, he gave me the medication for the next days and told me a few things that I will need to do over the next two weeks. He told me how to treat my scars, to wear the sports bra (the belt I did not even need anymore), to lay on my back when I sleep and to just rest and not work out for some time. He also told me that if I have questions, doubts or anything else, that I can contact him over WhatsApp. When I did, he always replied within minutes, which really helped me stay calm and not freak out when I have some weird feelings in my chest.

6 Days post Surgery

Every day that passes by I felt a little bit better and the pain got less. During the day I mostly rest and walk around a little bit, but there is not much more I can do yet. I am mostly pain free during the day, but the chest area is still swollen and movements are still limited. I can’t reach things that are high up and can’t really turn/twist my upper body. The range of movement gets better every day as well. The nights are actually the worst part, this is because I can only lay on my back and can’t really move, so I have a lot of back pain. I also usually get up twice per night just to sit and roll my shoulders because I can’t lay in that same position anymore, but after I do that I fall back asleep again. Another side effect is that through the antibiotics, pain killers and probably the surgery itself I am very bloated and holding on to a lot of excess water.But I am quite optimistic that it will pass and in one week or so my body will be back to normal.

The Result

This is the best part of it, I am seriously SO happy with the results! They turned out to be the perfect size for my body and have the most perfect shape I could imagine. I really did not expect the results to be that amazing before hand. I just thought I wanted to have boobs, but never expected such a beautiful and natural looking outcome. Below you can see before and after pictures in the same bathingsuit.



I hope that by sharing my journey I could help a few of you that are also thinking about getting surgery. It always helps to talk to someone who has been through this already to learn how everything works, what to keep in mind and for some mental support. So if anyone of you has any other questions or just wants my advice about something related to this, I am more than happy to help you!

Love, Chiara

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