I travelled to Mexico City over easter and it was amazing! I only stayed for three days but it was so worth it, I really did not know what to expect but was so positively surprised. Usually I would prefer to go on holidays somewhere at the beach so this was something very different. It was so inspiring to tap into a different culture and see how different life can be just 12 flight hours away. Yet alone that 8 million people are entering the town everyday for work, can you imagine the traffic during rush hour? I always feel so inspired when I return home from travels, it makes me realise how much more is out there. It also helps me to keep an open mind and see the world from a different perspective. I just wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the trip and maybe can inspire you to visit Mexico City some time as well.

This is the city centre of Mexico City,  I was sitting on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Majestic that had an incredible view on the National Palace of Mexico. This is located in the old town of Mexico which was very crowded and full of people. I was actually not so fascinated of the city centre of Mexico it is very crowded and not very beautiful (except this place), I preferred the outskirts of Mexico.










We stayed in a place called Polanco which was about 20min drive from the city centre. This place was so amazing, it felt like you were in a little town far away from all the noise, traffic and people from Mexico city. It had so many little streets with restaurants, bars, flower shops, ice cream shops and also a really nice shopping area.









The best part were the Acai bowls haha! I am such an addict, I had 2 acai bowls a day. The acai bowls there are made from 100% acai pulp, no blending with frozen banana or berries, the taste was just amazing! I could not get enough of it and miss them so so much now! I really don’t understand why it is so hard to get real Acai in Europe, that is so annoying!

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On the second day we did an excursion to the most beautiful ranch I have ever been to called Rancho Las Cascadas. It took about 1 and a half hours drive from Polanco towards the north of Mexico to get to this idyllic place. We spent there all day, we did some horse back riding, chilled in the pool and jacuzzi and had amazing mexican food and tons of margaritas. It was such a nice experience I could have stayed there forever! If you go to Mexico one day I really recommend this place to you, you can also spend the night there or a whole week if you want to.










I loved the mexican style of the ranch, so many colors, plants and of course a painting of Frida Kahlo. I would have loved to visit the house of Frida Kahlo as well but we only had 3 days and did not manage to go there, maybe next time. We also had a balloon flight planned going over the pyramids but it was cancelled because of a thunderstorm, but at least I saw the pyramids. I saw the sun and moon pyramids but did not get any good pictures because it was really bad weather.

This basically sums up my Mexico experience, hope you liked it!

Kisses, <3


  1. Hi sweetie! Could you please write more about your diet, recipes and workouts? Exact workouts would be fun to see as well!! Hugs!

  2. Hi! Could you do a post about your exact workouts so that we could try those? Would be really inspiring! Also, an another food diary would be appreciated! Hope you start blogging again soon, hugs!

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