Its been a long time my friends, but now I am back! These past weeks have been crazy for me, moving out of my apartment in Barcelona, moving to Ibiza, finishing my studies, writing my thesis, starting a new job and the list goes on and on. I am so happy that now I have the time to get back to blogging and the things I really love doing. I finally arrived in Ibiza and put all the stress of moving to a new place behind me and am ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Just a little Recap

I was in Barcelona for three years and graduated from Uni last week, its just crazy how fast these years went by. Moving to Barcelona was the best decision I took in my life that I would recommend to anyone especially if you want to study abroad. The city just has it all, the food is amazing, the weather is bomb and the people are open and friendly making it one of the best places to enjoy life to the fullest. However, its not easy to find a decent work in Barcelona, one of the reasons why I moved away. But I did not make it very far haha. I could not imagine moving back to Germany at this point in my life, thats why I decided to move to Ibiza. I basically grew up in Ibiza so it feels like my second home, also my mother lives here part time. I also have the amazing opportunity to work in real estate for the season and am super excited to look into this business for a while. When the season is over there is just one thing on my mind: travel, travel, travel! I can’t wait and will start planning all trips soon.

This being said, you guys now know where I am standing and what I am up to. Next to my real estate job I really want to concentrate on blogging and showing you guys what I am up to, whats on my mind and of course my secret fitness and diet tricks hehe.

To finish of this chapter in my life, I just wanted to show you guys a few pictures of my last days in Barcelona. From the amazing friendships I have made, places I went and experiences I made. 

Kisses, Chiara


  1. Ich liebe deinen Block und freue mich weiter von dir zu hören . Was benutzt du eigentlich, dass du so strahlend weiße Zähne hast+?:)

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