Hey guys, as most of you know I live in Ibiza at the moment so I thought why not share my favorite places with you as I know many of you come here on holidays. There are so many amazing places on the island making it really hard to only mention some of them, but I will do my best to tell you the best places on the island

Beaches and Beach Clubs

  • Ses Salinas, Beach club: Jockey Club and Sa Trinxa
  • Es Cavalet, Beach Club: El Chiringuito
  • Calla den Bossa, Beach Clubs: Nassau Beach Club, Tanit Beach
  • Cala Jondal, Beach Clubs: Tropicana Beach Club (chill), Blue Marlin (Party)
  • Cala Nova, Aiyanna Beach Restaurant, Atzaro Beach Restaurant
  • Formentera, is a must!Β Beach Clubs: Beso Beach, Joan y Andrea, La Pirata
  • Cala Comte


  • Sa Punta (dinner)
  • Bambuddha Groove (dinner)
  • La Brasa (town, dinner)
  • La Oliva (oldtwon, dinner)
  • Coricancha (dinner)
  • Trattoria del Mar (dinner, lunch)
  • Cotton Club (sunset dinner)
  • Amante (Beach Restaurant)
  • Hotel Nobu (dinner and lunch)
  • Passion Cafe (brunch)
  • Sa Calma (brunch)
  • Cappuccino (brunch)


  • Ushuaia
  • Hi Ibiza (Black Coffee)
  • Amnesia (Hyte, Music On)
  • Pacha (Flower Power, Solomun)
  • Heart Ibiza (Keep on Dancing)
  • Lio Ibiza
  • Destino (Thursdays and Sundays)
  • Blue Marlin (best on Sundays)
  • Cova Santa (Woo Moon party on Sunday, my favorite!)


  • Shopping: Ibiza Town, Old town, Las Dalias hippie market on Saturdays
  • Sunset: Experimental Beach, Sunset Ashram (cala Comte), Es Vedra

Below you can find a few pictures of some of the places I mentioned (hold the mouse on the picture to see the location).

I hope you liked this post, let me know what you want to see more of in the comments.

Love, Chiara


  1. How long have you lived in Ibiza ?? And do you like Ibiza more then Barcelona ?? πŸ™‚ thanks.
    Have a great day Chiara ! πŸ˜ƒ Also do you speak German ???

    • chiarabransi

      Hey! I only live in Ibiza since this year in April, but I come to the island every year since i’m born. I love both ibiza and Barcelona, its hard to say! And yes I speak german πŸ™‚

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