This might surprise some of you as you think the contrary, that eating more will make you gain weight. The secret to eating more while staying lean is weightlifting. Many of you will think that weightlifting and eating more will contribute to weight gain and will make you look bigger instead of smaller. However, this is one of the biggest myths out there. This is especially noticeable in the long run, once you have built a solid foundation of muscles. I have learned this from my own experience, in my entire life I have never been eating this much food while being so lean. The good thing is, it is so easy to maintain once you have built the right foundation. I hope that this will motivate you to grab the dumbbells instead of running the treadmill.

Weightlifting must be combined with eating more (slightly above your maintenance level) in order to build muscle. However, you need to ensure that you are eating more of the right foods that will optimise your muscle growth and workout performance. Simply eating more won’t get you there if you are eating pizza, donuts and other crappy foods. Your diet should be well balanced with healthy foods and plenty of protein.

Here is how weightlifting will help you lose weight and get you they shape you want:

1. It boosts your Metabolism

When you lift weights you will gain muscles and muscles use more energy and burn more calories than fat. This means you will have a higher metabolic rate and will burn more calories throughout the day, when moving and resting. This means that in the long run you will be able to eat more food while maintaining the same weight.

2. It will slim you down

A kilogram of muscles is much more leaner than a kilogram of fat. That means even if you keep the same weight (or gain weight) but you transform 1 kilogram of fat into 1 kilogram of muscles you will look a lot leaner and slimmer than before.

3. It will burn more calories

When you are weightlifting you will burn more calories 24 hours after your training, this is also called “after-burn” effect. This can only be achieved through weightlifting and by tearing down your muscles, you will not have this effect with a traditional cardio routine.

4. It will change your shape

Through weightlifting you can even choose how you want your body to look like and where you want your curves to be. While cardio will only help you to be a smaller version of yourself and not help you to build curves.

Love, Chiara


  1. I saw that You use some fatburn products , are they usefull ? And if yes, which burn fat do you use ?
    Love Marti

    • chiarabransi

      Hey Martina! Yes I use the fat burner from protein world. They don’t make such a big difference, the most important is that you eat healthy and workout. It will not contribute more than 1%-3% of your fat loss.. i’m sorry to tell you that there is nothing like a quick fix. Love, Chiara

  2. Hi Chiara…
    l’m enamoured of your body.Your body is so amazing
    i’ve been started to care for my body to look healthy and slim. I’ve been actively reeding your blog and foresee your advice. Can you tell me your height and weight. it’s very important for me

    love, nina

    • chiarabransi

      Thank you Nina and good luck on your journey. My height is 1,65cm. I don’t actually know what I weigh and I don’t have a scale so I can’t answer that question, sorry. Kisses

  3. Hi! So good post!! Could you also post your exact workouts, I mean what exercises you do, how many reps and with what weight? I understand it varies but would be really interesting to see and try! Hugs!

    • chiarabransi

      Hey Matilda! Sure, I will do a post about that soon. Kisses

  4. Hi Chiara, I have to say that your body is sooo amazing! Your posts always motivate me to try harder, so I need to thank you for it:) I’m keeping myself in shape already one year and a half, but I still can’t find the right way for me. I agree with you on cardio and too much running, it just exhausts me and I don’t see many results (it actually ruins my body I think). Now I would like to do more weightlifting (maybe after I read this post:D). Can I ask you how heavy are weights you lift and how many hours per week you working out? Thank you for your answer:) Love, Zuzana

  5. Hi 🙂 can you publish a post where you show us one of your everyday routine? what and how much you eat, and workout?

  6. Hi! What are some of your favorite low calories snacks??
    You should do a post of some of your favorite things to eat on the go!
    -London <3

    • chiarabransi

      I will make sure to do a post about that soon! Kisses

  7. Hey Chiara, ich liebe deine Posts! Sie sind mehr als inspirierend. Ich würde gerne mehr über die Meditation von dir lesen, welche Youtube Videos oder dergleichen kannst du empfehlen?
    Des Weiteren hätte ich zu diesem Post eine Frage: wie viel Kalorien nimmst du täglich zu dir? Hst du eine bestimmte Prozentverteilung der Micros/ Macros?
    Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Nürnberg!

    • chiarabransi

      Hallo Julia! Freut mich total das dir mein blog gefällt. Meine 2 lieblings youtube channels für meditation sind Boho Beautiful und Yoga With Adriene. Ich zähle meine Kalorien nicht und achte auch nicht auf meine prozentverteilung. Ich habe das eine weile gemacht aber ich habe rausgefunden das es wirklich nicht notwendig ist uns sehr viel zeit in anspruch nimmt. Ich achte generell darauf das ich mich gesund ernähre und finde es kann sehr ungesund sein so obsessiv mit essen umzugehen. Liebe grüße 😘

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