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We all want them, don’t we? Today I will show you a 10 step guide on how you can get abs. To achieve a beautiful flat stomach and visible abs the two most important elements are nutrition (80%) and workout (20%). For most of us it is about loosing the layer of fat above the abs rather than building the abs, unless you are going for chiselled 6-pack abs. You can not spot reduce fat, therefore you need to lower your overall body fat percentage in order to get abs. Follow these steps, be consistent, and you will see the results!
10 Step Guide:

  1. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. If most of your calories come from processed foods your body will lack nutrients and you will be craving more food than your body needs, resulting in weight gain.
  2. Eat carbs. Most of you are probably thinking, whaaat? Carbs are not evil and there is no need to eliminate them in order to get abs, you just need to make the right decision on what kind of carbs you are eating. Most of your carbs should be slow digesting and high in fibre, these will ensure to keep you full longer. Some examples: brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa and whole wheat. Fast digesting carbs should be avoided, however you can eat fruits as they are low in calories and rich in nutrients.
  3. Eat the good fats. Eat unsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats, they will keep you full and are absolutely necessary for balancing your hormones. The best sources of fats are: avocados, nuts and seeds (also high in protein), coconut oil and fish oils. Your fat intake should be 20%-30% of your daily caloric intake.
  4. Eat Protein with every meal. Protein will keep you full for longer and is necessary for muscle growth.
  5. Drink a lot of Water. This will not only keep you hydrated but will also boost your metabolism. Drinking water between meals can also help you stay full longer and will help you to avoid snacking.
  6. Eat regularly. Eating often will keep your metabolism high and will ensure that you are satiated throughout the day, which will allow you to make better food choices. We all know that we crave the unhealthy things when we are really hungry or we do not have any other options available.
  7. Cook your own Food. To achieve abs your diet must be in check and this is only possible if you cook your own food and know what actually lands on your plate. You can still eat out once in a while, but keep it to a limit.
  8. Start Weight Training. Weight training will help you build muscle while losing fat which will help decrease your body fat and increase your muscle mass. The more muscle mass the higher your metabolic rate, which means that you will burn more fat during the day.
  9. Implement Cardio. For those of you who have stubborn fat I would recommend doing HIT (high intensity training) as this will burn fat and increase your metabolic rate throughout the day. Steady state cardio can also be implemented for fat burn.
  10. Be consistent. Do not expect results over night, adjust your diet and exercise according to these steps and stick to it the best you can. The aim is to change your lifestyle as this will maintain your abs in the long term.

I hope you liked this post and got a better idea of what it takes to get abs. Enjoy the journey and never give up!

Love, Chiara


  1. Can you maybe also make a post about what you eat in a day for example and how many calories? That would be so helpfull because your body is so perfect!

    • Hey, thanks for your reply! Sure I will do a what I eat in a day post for you very soon. I do not track my calories I just focus on making the right choices. Kisses

  2. Do you drink any protein shakes? (If so) what kind of brand??

    • Hey! Yes I drink protein shakes, since I do not eat any dairy I use vegan shakes. At the moment I am using the Vegan Protein from Weider and the Vegan Blend from Proteinworld.

  3. Do you eat gluten free or dairy free?
    Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

    • Go ahead and read my Health Journey you will find the answers there, you will see that I follow the “Pescetarian diet”.

  4. Sophielarissaw

    Iv really enjoyed reading your blog it’s really inspired me today and I feel like iv learnt something new today 🙂Would love to see what you eat on a day to day basis you look amazing so lean 😍! How do you go about cheat days?


    • Hey Sophia, I’m glad you like my blog! I will make a what I eat in a day post very soon. I don’t think cheat days make sense however I do incorporate cheat meals every now and then. I can do a blogpost on that as well where I will go more into detail. Kisses

  5. Perfect for those who are eating in the kitchen. But about the exercises, what exactly do? 💪

    • Yes, What exact exercises do you do and on what days? Do you follow fitazfk or do other things?

  6. Hey 🙂 ich finde deinen Körper beeindruckend 🙂 habe gehört das die antibabypille den Muskelaufbau beeinflussen kann deswegen meine Frage ob du damit Erfahrungen hast ?:)

    Danke und mach weiter so !!toller Blog 🙂

    • Hallo Anja! Ja das stimmt, es kommt darauf an welche anti Babypille du nimmst und wie dein Körper darauf reagiert.Ich persönlich nehme eine sogenannte mini Pille mit wenig Hormonen und denke das es meinen Muskelaufbau nur minimal beeinflusst. Ich hoffe ich konnte dir weiterhelfen 🙂

  7. Miguele Milicevic

    Hi Chiara,

    Could you blog about which ab exercises you do, that work well for you? Thank you beauty xo

  8. Very inspiring blog !!!! I would love to read an example of meals you eat in a day and also your workout regime , how often and what kind of workouts you prefer ? Thank you

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