I want to talk to you about this topic because we all are facing it at some point in our lives. It does not matter how big you are or how small you are, if you have cellulite, stretch marks or are just unhappy with your overall body composition. The most important thing is that you feel confident in your body and except your flaws as they are. Going through life and especially social media you might find yourself thinking “I wish I could look like that” or “if I’d look like that all my problems would disappear”.

The truth is even those girls on social media have body image problems because its a universal phenomena. Nobody is ever happy in their body all of the time unless they are veeery confident. Now you might believe that I can’t relate to those people with body image problems but I actually can.

A few years back I was struggling with this issue and always thought I am not good enough. Over the years I have learnt to build up my confidence so that I don’t let anyone or anything get close to me anymore. I did this by accepting my body how it is in this moment, with all of its flaws. During this time I also started eating healthy and training in the gym which really helped me build confidence. Weightlifting made me strong not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Now when I get body shaming comments on Instagram (which does happen quite often) I usually get things like “you are too skinny”, “eat a burger”, “that girl is sick”, “she has anorexia” etc. I really could not care less and it does not influence me the slightest. What I think is that it is sad because those people are probably unhappy with their own bodies and I don’t want anybody to feel unhappy in their body. I think we should all be so grateful that we are one this amazing planet and the universe gave us a body that is healthy and functions properly so we can LIVE.

Remember that saying: a beach body is simply a body at the beach. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything you think around a beach body is just an illusion you create in your imagination.

Here are some tips for you to build your confidence:

1.Be grateful for what you have

Think about how lucky you are that the universe put you into this world. That you have a body that can perform all the necessary bodily functions to live on this planet.

2. Accept your body with all its flaws

You can’t change your body type so you better accept it as it is. Exercise and nutrition can change your body composition a little bit, however you will not be able to change your genes.

3.Embrace your differences

There is only one YOU out there, so you better embrace that because there is nothing more boring that being like everyone else, right? Your differences are what will make you be remembered by other people and what makes you special in this world.

4.Dress for your body type

Often times we can feel really discouraged about our body when it comes to dressing up. Don’t let yourself be put down by the latest trends like the crop-top and leggings style. Dress in what works best for your body type, this will help boost your confidence.

5.Work on your posture 

The first step to confidence is showing that you are confident to other people aka “fake-it until you make-it”, it works wonders. Do that by standing up straight, shoulders back, breast out and put a big smile on your face.

6.Remember people like you for who you are on the inside

The people you surround yourself with like you for your personality and not for your body. Ask yourself the question, would you switch your friends for the most beautiful body in the world? If the answer is yes, you should probably find new friends.

To finish off this post remember this: “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell will anybody else love you.” (RuPaul)

Love, Chiara


  1. Really great post, this is so important before the summer! Also, could you please write more about your exact workouts, which exercises, how many reps and weights and so on? It would be so much fun to try and get inspired to weight lifting! I usually do basically cardio as I’m not sure how to do at the gym.. Thank you, hugs!!

    • chiarabransi

      Thanks so much Matilda! Sure, I will go more into detail with my exercises very soon. Have a nice easter, Kisses

      • So impressiv *.* your are such an ideal for me . I hope to reach some day same body :).

        Do you take any supplements to reach these abs?

  2. Chiara you are so inspirational and love following all your posts! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Danke für den tollen Post! Wie groß bist du eigentlich, und wie viel wiegst du? Danke 🙂

  4. Danke für den tollen Post! Wie groß bist du eigentlich, und wie viel wiegst du? Danke 🙂

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